You will see some of our work images being used to miss-lead the public into believing that other Paving Companies may have done this work, which is clearly not the case.These images are in the current edition of the Golden Pages, and on other web-sites. When our work images are removed from these sites and printed advertising media, we will remove this warning.
This type of miss-leading advertisement scam is all to common in Ireland and has been for a long time and the Irish public end up with Rogue Traders instead of professional and reliable Tradesmen & women whom they end up paying with there hard earned money.
There is clearly a reason why other traders would use our work in there portfolios and not there own and you can make-up your own mind on that.

These are just some of our work images used in false advertising
Click to enlarge and get details.

An obvious warning to anybody hiring a tradesman is, if there full postal address in not showing on there printed documents or web-sites, be careful and also be careful of address in Abbey St, Wicklow St etc, etc they are more often than not just forwarding offices with no direct contact

Celtic Paving Contractors are approved by Tobermore and the Natural Stone Yard
Driveways, Patios, Lawns in a variety of materials and much more.

Serving Dublin and surrounding County's in Ireland